The day after the Super Bowl is one of the most called in sick days of the year and most managers don't like it. Here's a simple solution. Extend the season to 18 games and move the Big Game to President's weekend.

If you eliminate 2 of the 4 pre-season games, which force fans to pay full price for tickets even though many of their favorite players are not going to play, you can add two extra games to bring the total number of games to 18. This will make the television networks happy since they will get two more meaningful games which will make NFL more money. It will also make the football betters the sites they use happy since sports betting is now legal, the NFL is kind of in business with them. It's only a matter of time before it happens anyway.

Players can make more money for playing the extra games and you can add an extra bye week for each team which coupled with starting the season a week later will put the Super Bowl on President's weekend.

Just think, you will have playoff football to take you through the cold depressing months of January and February. You can take advantage of all the President's day sales to buy your new TV's and if you really want to celebrate your teams win, the Valentine's day mattress sales. Then when all is said and done and the last touchdown is scored, we're just in time for baseball spring training to begin with pitchers and catchers about to report.

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