My twin boys are learning about Dr Martin Luther King in school and my 8-year-old son Lennon says to his Mom, “when I’m in the playground and my brother Albert gets picked on, I’m going to stick up for him like Martin Luther King stuck up for his people.”

Dr Martin Luther King (William Lovelace/Express/Getty Images)


Now at 8-years-old, Lennon hasn’t distinguished between black, brown or African American, he just calls it as he sees them. The proper understanding will come in time but what he did understand from the teachings of Dr. King is that an 8-year-old white boy can learn a valuable lesson from the slain civil rights leader.

The release of the movie “Selma” will also expand the mind of another generation that didn’t grow up in the early sixties and show them what exactly Dr King went through to change the world of civil rights.

As a side note, this holiday should always be referred to as “Martin Luther King Day” and not MLK day. This man was too important for just initials.

There was another release of a movie this week with “American Sniper” which shattered box office records by grossing more than 90 million dollars , the second largest opening for an r rated movie ever. The movie based on Navy Seal Chris Kyle. Chris Kyle's widow remembers him in a very touching article in People magazine. 

While we rightfully honor Dr King by closing schools and government offices on this day, shouldn’t we close all the schools on Veterans Day as well?

Personally if it were up to me, not only would I close the schools, but I’d give every veteran, wherever they worked , the day off with pay. What do you think? Take the poll below.