Amanda Holley of Jackson has always had the desire to be in law enforcement going back to when she was a child – having other family members in law enforcement.

However those dreams were cut short when she was turned down for a job with the Port Authority Police after claiming she’d been taunted by her bosses for being too “feminine.”

Her claim is that they carried out a harassment campaign from the moment she entered the Jersey City academy in August 2013 until she left four months later.

Much of the taunting, she claims, was done by Sgt. Erick Torres would on occasion sing, “She is an American Girl Doll.”

And it didn’t stop there.

After undergoing a pepper spray test that had swollen her face and lips, Torres called her “Angelina Jolie. She also claims to have been made to do squats in front of fellow recruits at the command of a superior – making her feel humiliated.

All of this came to an end in last December just before her graduation from the academy. Her claim is that she refused a supervisor’s request to resign after failing a firearms test – claiming she was refused one-on-one instruction given to other recruits.

She, however, is steeped in criminal justice experience – having a masters degree in social work and also having worked as a social worker with the New Jersey Department of Corrections.

She is seeking an unspecified amount in damages for violations of Holley's civil rights as well as lost wages.

Do you feel this is a case of “please don’t hate me because I’m beautiful?”

She truly is very attractive – and perhaps that’s the reason why she was singled out for the treatment she’d received. Whether that's right or wrong will be debated in court, but based on that, her instructors may have felt she didn’t have the mettle for the job.

Adding to that feeling was, despite her claim to not having received one on one pistol training, she failed a firearms test.

I’m sure she knows what a difficult job it is to wear a cop’s uniform – never knowing whether or not you’re going to come home.

I wouldn’t call what she’d been through “harassment.”

Despite her claims that her superiors were acting like complete morons, it seems to me they wanted to see whether or not she has the stomach to deal with what she’d have to deal with out in the field.

And by the looks of it – she doesn’t.

Is Amanda Holley’s lawsuit claiming harassment by the Port Authority valid?

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