A man from Michigan traveling through Newark Airport is alive today thanks to the quick response and action of seven Port Authority cops.

As the Port Authority reported on their Instagram account, the 51-year-old man fell while traveling down an escalator and went into cardiac arrest. PA Police Officer Nick Brucato was the first on the scene. He was quickly joined by Officer Phil Campo and they administered CPR to the man who was not breathing. The officers were soon joined by fellow officers Joe Francavilla, Matthew Rosati, Steve Magnavita, Michael Raccioppi and Michael Tilatitsky who assisted with reviving the man.

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According to the post, the victim "coded" six times during the rescue, but the officers were able to restore his heartbeat and breathing. Thanks to the training, courage and rapid response of these Port Authority Officers, this man will be able to see his family again.

Thank you to all the members of the PAPD. We appreciate you.

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