Vineland police officers were the first to arrive to an emergency call about a house fire.

According to the Daily Journal, when they arrived, the home was engulfed and a couple was on the second floor trapped on the porch. Officers Daniel Miller, Matthew Bonsall and Ryan Madden did not hesitate, first trying to get a car close enough to the house to allow the couple to jump. Blocked by too much debris, they stayed talking to the couple who mentioned a ladder. The cops dug out the ladder from the snow and helped the couple get down from the home.

Two things come to mind with this story. First, thank God the cops showed up and quickly ran to the home knowing there could be victims trapped. Second, even in a small town like Vineland you never know what cops will face every day. In this case, the potential for the couple to have been seriously injured trying to jump without help, or overcome by smoke and flames was high.

Thanks to the quick action and professionalism of these three cops, they will live to hopefully see their home rebuilt and continue on with their lives.

Here's a quote from the Daily Journal story about the incident:

With flames rapidly engulfing an East Sherman Avenue home, three police officers banded together to rescue two people trapped inside, city officials said.

About 8 a.m. Sunday, Officers Daniel Miller, Matthew Bonsall, and Ryan Madden, were first on the scene after a 911 call and spotted the residents on a second-floor back porch.

Officers tried to pull a police vehicle alongside the house so the couple could jump onto its roof but debris around the house blocked their path, city officials said.

The couple directed the rescuers to a ladder in the yard that officers found buried in the snow and entangled in vines. - Deborah M. Marko, Vineland Daily Journal

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