The police in Paramus received an urgent phone call for help, but it wasn't a carjacking, a kidnapping or a home invasion. It was about a 4-year-old girl who somehow managed to get stuck in the toy stroller meant for her doll.

I don't know how long little Yasmeen "Nina" Saleh's mom tried to free her on her own before resorting to calling the police, but that's a call no one wants to make. Once the police arrived and sized up the situation, they realized the best way to get her out would be to break open the handlebar section. Of course doing that would ruin the stroller.

This video shows the rescue. And the happy ending.

That's right, these fine men, Officers Ben Fox and Robert Sobocinski returned to the home later after spending part of their lunch break at a local Target looking for the exact toy stroller. They bought it and surprised the little girl with an intact replacement stroller. How cute is that!?

The Paramus Police Chief Kenneth Ehrenberg told, "This case was extremely unusual and we are very proud of both of them for putting in that extra effort to make a child happy."


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