I've witnessed some things in my life that I couldn't explain. I worked for a small market radio station in Clifton-Forge, Virginia that was said to be haunted, and I thought I saw things. My wife and I had some strange occurrences in a hotel in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. I had something very unlikely happen on the one year anniversary of my father's death, at the exact time of his death.

The things I've experienced make me curious about a spirit world, yet I basically remain a skeptic. Which is why I always wanted to spend a night all alone in a place with a notorious reputation as being 'haunted'. If all these stories we hear are true, if there's something of us that remains after death that can cross over to this plane, then I'd love to have some actual proof. Until that would happen, I would remain a skeptic.

Justin Louis who's day job is a host at our sister station WOBM says it best when he describes himself as an "open-minded skeptic." That's how I feel. I am a skeptic, but if I'm wrong I'd love to have some actual proof. Something I could not explain in any other manner. Something real.

So Justin, who heads up Ocean County Paranormal and who has been on many paranormal investigations, got me hooked up with him and a crew from Garden State Ghost Hunters which is Boni Bates' organization. They've traveled the state extensively in search of answers. I was allowed to go with them for an investigation of a very old building on Cookman Avenue in Asbury Park that is the new home of Paranormal Books and Curiosities. It's owned by a woman named Kathleen who is such a believer in this that she has collected many items from around the country that are said to be haunted, have an 'attachment', or are outright cursed. She is creating a museum on the second floor of her building, a floor where there once lived a girl who was murdered.

Kathleen was gracious enough not only to let the investigators have full run of her place without her there, but she even allowed me to spend the night entirely alone after the crew left. The videos are from that night. PART ONE is from the investigation itself. PART TWO is when I was alone.

I want to thank Kathleen for allowing me to spend a night in her building, along with Justin, Toniann, Keri, Whettham, and especially Boni Bates for showing me her world. After walking through the building, she literally begged me to not go through with staying the night by myself. She said she wasn't concerned with most of the spirits in the place, among them the dead little girl. She said what concerned her was the "black thing that crouches in the upstairs closet." She said it was malevolent, and can morph into whatever you fear the most, and would like nothing more than to attach itself and come home with me. I stayed anyway.

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