Tuesday is election day and the only statewide ballot question has to do with giving a break to veterans. It’s all explained in this article by NJ1015's Michael Symons but basically it’s a $250 property tax deduction that certain veterans don’t get it because they are living in continuing care retirement communities. Veterans groups have wanted this since 2001.

I have a difficult time imagining this would not pass. This is extending a small break to veterans who didn't really want to move from their homes into one of these facilities but did so because of health reasons. The total cost for this small break for these veterans totals about $700,000. It's a small price to pay to thank them for their service.

The only issue that comes to mind with any of this has nothing to do with this ballot question itself. But rather how is this no-brainer question being put before the voters but something that costs many times this amount in tax money, giving legal aid to illegal immigrants who are fighting their deportations, was never a ballot question? Further, how was the decision to start offering illegal immigrants financial aid for college, something that has so far cost $3.8 million, also never been a ballot question?

These are things of controversy voters themselves should have decided on. The Democrats know these initiatives would have failed. Ultimately, beyond excuses of red type and protocol and procedure, this is why hey decided for you. When it’s a much less cost to taxpayers and an issue that will pass overwhelmingly only then will they give you your say in the form of a ballot.