After you read about this appetizer you’ll be disappointed you didn’t think of it sooner.

Throughout my life there are plenty of foods I wish I could enjoy more often, however, they aren’t the healthiest thing to be eating day to day.

One of these dishes is bruschetta, and I have discovered the perfect way to eat it every day. The only ingredient you need is a potato.

A few weeks ago I attempted to make potato bruschetta and it’s up there as one of the best appetizers I’ve ever made. So for all of you trying to imagine what this could possibly be like, here’s a step by step of the process.

Judi Franco photo
Judi Franco photo

You first want to take a potato, preferably a medium sized one and slice it long ways about ¼ an inch thick.

After you have your slices be sure to add a little bit of oil and whatever seasoning you want.

When the potatoes are ready you want to put them in the oven at 425 degrees and roast until crisp. I like my potatoes to closely resemble the bread consistency, but you can roast to your liking.

In terms of the topping, I went with a classic bruschetta recipe. I used tomato, parmesan, balsamic, garlic, pepper and salt.

I topped the potatoes with this mixture and then sprinkled a little bit of truffle honey and more parmesan. And if this doesn’t sound exciting enough, wait until you see the reaction of whoever you make it for. Absolutely unreal.

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