Before I started in media, I worked for many years in corporate America as a real estate executive. One of the memories that stands out to this day is the retirement speech given by a Senior VP who retired shortly after I took the job. In his farewell speech, he said the best thing about retirement was "No More Sunday Nights!" It's really true.

Sunday is the night that you have to anticipate and prepare for a long week ahead. Can't really stay out too late and need to make sure you're winding down the fun and getting your brain and body ready for work.

This week, the Fourth of July holiday falling on a Wednesday, presented a unique situation. We got to experience two Friday nights in the same week. The problem? Two Sundays as well. I think it's time to consider moving certain holidays to Mondays or Fridays. After all, it's more than a day off, it's all about maximizing time to relax and decompress after a challenging week.

Now I love all of my jobs, but certainly appreciate some down time. Would it have killed us to move this Fourth to the 2nd? After all, John Adams would tell us that it's the appropriate date anyway. So why not be flexible? Next year it'll fall on a Thursday. Why not celebrate on the 5th? Then the Fourth becomes a Friday night a day early with only one Sunday night to contend with. Seems simple enough to me.

Flexibility still keeps us with the great tradition of celebrating the birth date of our great nation. Bottom line? Only one Sunday night per week please. #CoalitionForFridayAndMondayHolidaysOnly #SundayNightLimitationClub

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