Some call them turkey vultures. Others call them turkey buzzards. Either way, we live near the woods and these scavengers are a common sight in my neighborhood. A large one can have a wingspan of 6 feet. Think about that.

I was driving home from the store about to pull in my driveway Sunday when I saw this on my front lawn. First, not caught on video, was this huge turkey vulture swooping in. That wingspan had to be 5 feet I'd say. Soon I realized it was enjoying some dinner. I scrambled for my phone. I don't know if he brought it with him or if there had already been a dead thing on my lawn. Like I said, life near the woods.

As he chomped disgustingly on whatever he found, another turkey vulture swooped in to challenge him. In the video I mistakenly call the second one the alpha male. However, upon further review, I noticed playing the video back that the first vulture took off with dinner in its beak, so I guess he showed the second one who the alpha really was.

Living here in Hunterdon County near these woods I've seen countless deer. That's a daily occurrence. Also beavers, possums, snakes, raccoons, you name it. The only thing I have yet to see is a bear. As I've always said, the bear population being what it is and now being spotted in all 21 counties, I feel like I'm not a full-fledged New Jerseyan until I see one.

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