Do you really care if President Trump had an affair (or affairs) ten years before taking office? With all that this president is coming under public scrutiny for between his policies, the Russian investigation, basically every move he makes in office, do you really care about any moves he may have made ten years before?

Apparently President Trump made a lot of moves back in 2006. He was allegedly having affairs with a porn star, a playmate, and a hot TV contestant, a regular "Donny's Angels"  and they would love to tell you all about it, if only it weren't for those pesky agreements two of them signed to keep their mouths shut, unlike when they were having the affair, but I digress.

There is a long history of presidents who have had affairs while in office. Imagine if the internet were around for JFK. When Bill Clinton announced at the 2016 Democratic National Convention "I met a girl" how many people thought "not again!"

The point is, what goes on in a man's marriage is between him and his wife. If we fired all men and women who cheated on their spouses, we'd have a lot of very important job openings in the world.

If President Trump can make my life better as an American, lower my cost of living, keep my loved ones and me safe, he can have as many affairs as he wants. The more social media scrutinizes a person, the harder it's going to be to find any good candidates who will want the job in the coming elections.

It's going to be interesting to see as this story unfolds how many other women/men who have signed confidentiality agreements with other powerful men/women will want to tear them up to tell their story for more money. In gossip world, this could be the start of something big.

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