What a great start to Spring break my kids have had. Saturday morning we left Philadelphia at 5am and drove straight to Cleveland where we took in the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame during the weekend of the inductions. So what if they were going on in New York? Being avid music lovers and Beatles fans (they got that from their father), they loved it!

The following day, we explored their passion with the NFL at the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio where they got to see the history of the game they love as well as make a call under the hood of a simulated referee hood, play Madden, and hear a locker room speech from a Joe Namath hologram. They especially loved seeing the ball that Odell Beckham Jr caught against Dallas as well as all the Giants exhibits. Something else they got from their Dad! Afterwards, we threw passes on the Hall Of Fame Field.

So what do two 10 year old boys do to occupy themselves on a eight hour ride home? They take my iPhone and shoot slow motion videos of each other. If they ever make a video out of the song "Hair" I've got two kids who could be in it!

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