The two things I love most about being on the radio is that people are actually listening to me and when I'm done with you, I can hang up. You can always get the last word. At home, it doesn't work that way. Nobody listens to me, and I can't tell you how many times I wish I could just say "Thank You for calling New Jersey 101.5," as I'm being aggravated to no end. How cool would it be in an argument to just say "back after this" and walk out of the room. I've actually tried it. It doesn't work. They will follow me.

So last night while on New Jersey 101,5 talking about how parents are doing too much for their children, I started talking about what goes on in my house when it comes to homework. It was then that my wife decided to call in and go on the air. Now she was in my domain! The rest is history. Enjoy me getting the last word. It doesn't happen often in my house.

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