When Oprah Winfrey speaks, people listen. Whether it's on a social cause, or a product she's endorsing, or something she's promoting, people listen. If you'e in the entertainment industry, you do not go against Orpah, so when she gives a speech at the Golden Globes denouncing sexual abuse, people are not only saying "Me Too" to that but adding that phrase to whether they think Oprah should be the next President of the United States. How about "You Too"?

Remember back in the day of say eight years ago when to even think of becoming president, you at least had to have some kind of political training and background? Even Ronald Reagan as great a celebrity, he was as an actor, became Governor of California before he made his victorious run at the White House. That's all in the past. now we want to play fantasy White House. Let's find someone famous who we can believe can ride on on a white horse and if you'll excuse the expression, "make the country great again." The Republicans found theirs now the Democrats would like to have theirs and who better than Oprah?

If Oprah Winfrey ran for president, she would have no trouble winning. It's practically against the law to disagree with Oprah in the country. She's a self-made billionaire who came from nothing to become the Queen of all media. Her campaign would be must see from her speeches to the star power who would be helping on the trail. But then comes the day to day machinations of the job and would it really be worth it for her, especially if she failed at it. Is it worth the hit to her enormous popularity? She reaches more people now than if her audience were political.

In the fantasy world of movies and television, people regularly give up billion dollar companies to chase their dream. In reality, Oprah doesn't leave the running of OWN to anyone else. The best thing Oprah can do right now is nothing. It's much better to have people think you'd be great than to actually have to do the job. Especially when the job requires a massive pay cut and all the aggravation that this one does.

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