Last Sunday about 100 students walked out of the Notre Dame commencement as soon as Vice President Mike Pence started speaking. They were protesting some of his policy positions.  I'm wondering how many of them just saw an opening to get out of another boring commencement ceremony.

But seriously folks, is this what they're teaching at Notre Dame? If you don't like the way things are, just take your ball and go home. What if those that didn't agree with President Obama's policies walked out of his address when he spoke at Rutgers? How come no one walked out on Snooki? I ask again, how come no one walked out on Snooki?!

Is this the new norm for college graduates? If you don't like the speaker just walk out? How about this, if you don't like the speaker, don't go. They will still give you your diploma. You paid for that.

Jesse Bongiovi is a senior at Notre Dame and Jon Bon Jovi's son. He says he supports those who walked out and is disappointed at those who booed. I give Bongiovi credit that even though he may disagree with the politics of the speaker, he respects the ceremony enough to stay and doesn't make it all about him. Then again Bongiovi played football and understands what it means to be on a team, especially a team of graduates.

When President Obama spoke at Notre Dame in 2009, some students held an alternative commencement on campus to protest his stand on abortion rights. They did not disrupt

You only get to graduate Notre Dame once and all the hard work it took to get there should be what you remember about that day, not the protesters, but unfortunately for the graduates, that's what they will talk about when they tell the tale.

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