Almost two years ago, I wrote about an admirable nine year old boy who was collecting coats for the homeless in Trenton. Sandro Cunningham runs Sandro’s Coats in the parking lot of the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen, where needy people can get a free coat for the winter. Now 11, Sandro’s charitable efforts have not abated because of the pandemic.

According to a story on, Sandro’s mom told him he could take the winter off, what with all that’s going on; he told his mom that he’s not a quitter and that his efforts would continue. According to his Facebook page, Sandro has partnered with area businesses and civic groups to make sure his work goes on; one such group, the Rotary Club of Robbinsville/Hamilton, donated over 100 coats last month as detailed on

Sandro also raised money to buy pies for the hungry at Thanksgiving. Sandro got the idea for his coat rack one night when he was watching the news and saw a story about the homeless and decided to help them. He leaves the donated coats on a rack outside the soup kitchen for anyone to take. His father, a Trenton police officer, keeps an eye on the rack so they know when they need to be replenished. Of course, Sandro is always in need of donations which can be set up through his Facebook page. Next time you want to complain that kids these days do nothing but stare at their phones or play video games, think of Sandro Cunningham.

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