The extent to which some people take the love of their dogs can sometimes be pretty extreme. We've all seen examples of people who call their dogs their children, groom and dress them lavishly, and even take their dogs everywhere with them. While it may be hard to relate to them, several inventors and companies worldwide have found a way to profit from these types of people. Check out this list of 8 weird, wacky, and most outlandish items that you can buy for your dog!

8. Sugarplum Princess (Tent) Bed

While it's definitely important to provide adequate bedding for your dog, this "bed" pictured below offers a sleeping arrangement far more outrageous than the standard square padding that most dogs enjoy. We find it hard to believe that this $139.99 Princess pet bed is ever actually desired by the dog herself rather than her over-the-top owner.

7. All-American Bikini

Sure, dogs can be proud to be American just like people can, but wearing this bikini is probably not on your pup's agenda to prove that point. Although we occasionally let it slide when we see dogs in shirts or sweaters, last we checked it's completely socially accepted for dogs to walk freely without wearing clothes in public. For that reason, this bikini is completely unnecessary and by the looks of it, uncomfortable as well!

6. Legs Out Pet Carrier

Where do we begin with this one? This type of carrier, usually used for babies, is going a little too far wouldn't you agree? Pets are not babies. We repeat - Pets Are Not Babies! Plus, most dogs need plenty of exercise. So 9 times out of 10 your dog should be on a leash walking (unless you're running a marathon which a small dog could probably not handle). So people who own this should probably think twice before confusing everyone who would naturally assume there's a baby in that carrier.

5. Leopard Print Pet Stroller

We couldn't single out a dog carrier without addressing the crazy invention of the pet stroller! Not only does this scream out separation issues, but just like the carrier above, it is a little disturbing to have to bring your dog everywhere with you. Sorry to those who own it, but we just can't imagine enough circumstances where enclosing your pup in a stroller while you push him around would logically be the best decision. This stroller takes it to the next level by making this leopard design for the trendy dog-lovers.

4. "Doggles" (Dog Sunglasses)

Unless you are taking your dog on high-speed rides through the sandy desert, this is one invention that we must say is a bit outlandish...especially the skull and crossbones smoke lenses featured in the picture below. Cute? Yes. Necessary? Absolutely not. We're not saying we're against UV-Rays protection - all we're suggesting is that dogs have been doing absolutely wonderful without sunglasses for a very long time.

3. Poo Trap Dog Poop Collector

Now here's where things get really crazy. Even though the website for this hysterical invention describes more reasons for purchasing these, we can confidently bet that most people buying them just don't want to pick up after their dogs. That being said, if you hate it this much then perhaps it's best that you don't own a dog. After all, cleaning up after your dog just comes with the territory. (This goes for the people who purchase doggie diapers as well!) Please spare your dog the shame and instead check out some of these other options for waste management.

2. Automatic Pet Washer

Giving a dog a bath is no breeze, but this automatic dog washing machine is rather extreme. Again, just because it's difficult to handle the work involved with cleaning your dog, does not make it okay to selfishly experiment with these excessive inventions to make life easier for yourself. It's pretty much common sense to assume that no dog will ever willingly enjoy to be closed into this machine and then splashed with water and soap as if he or she were a load of laundry. There are many options to take advantage of for bathing your dog that never require this type of torture. Even the pup in the pictured below looks embarrassed and terrified!

1. Autoelex Pet Pavillion - "The Ultimate Dog House"

This bizarre creation takes the notion of appropriate amounts of light, humidity and temperature to the extreme. Referred to by many bloggers as the "pet incubator", the Pavillion could very well be the craziest and most outrageous pet product we've ever seen! Check out the product description here with diagrams explaining how by placing your dog in this "indoor room", it can receive all of the proper elements for it to achieve maximum health. Even if their figures are correct, this toaster-oven-like product is entirely too ridiculous to even consider!


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