We all know people who take their love of pets just a little too far. They can never have enough cats, dogs, birds, or any other exotic animal that catches their eye. They share everything with their pets; they dress them, they show them off and they sometimes treat them even better than their children. Just in case these they refuse to admit it, we put together a list just for this type of person! Check out the Top 10 Ways to Tell if You're a Crazy Pet Person.

  • Animal.discovery.com

    You Own Four or More Pets

    Unless you run a farm or a pound, having more cats and dogs than the average family has children will classify you as a Crazy Pet Person. Pets are adorable and great to be around, but if you're constantly behind on your mortgage to pay for three shopping carts full of pet food per week then you indeed have a pet problem.

  • Marlo Tama, Getty Images
    Marlo Tama, Getty Images

    You Dress Your Pet in Daily Outfits

    Does your pooch have a trendy, stylish wardrobe? If your pet princess has a different tiara for every day of the week, then you are certainly a Crazy Pet Person candidate. We'll admit that we've seen some pretty cute Halloween costumes for pets (key word: "Halloween"), but unless it's 20 degrees or below outside, there's no sane reason to put your pet through the torture of an uncomfortable outfit any other day of the year.

  • Flickr user kthypryn
    Flickr user kthypryn

    You Bring Your Pet Everywhere You Go

    Let's be clear: Pets are not accessories. If your pet has never been home alone, then it's time to face the fact that you're most likely a Crazy Pet Person. Lots of people allow pets on their beds and occasionally take the dog out for the day - these people are all perfectly normal. When you and your pet are joined at the hip, and when your pet has a car seat, a stroller, and a Baby Bjorn carrier, your Crazy Pet Person signals are self-evident.

  • Lisa Maree Williams, Getty Images
    Lisa Maree Williams, Getty Images

    Your Pet is a Constant Staple in Your Profile Picture

    If your Facebook profile picture and twitter avatar are always starring your furry friend, then you're probably leaning on the crazy line. Trust us when we say this: Your friends and followers are not at all interested in what Fluffy or Sprinkles "are doing right now". It's time to do some photo cleansing and narrow down to just one photo of your precious pet - everyone will thank you...including your "wittle Woofy".

  • Lisa Maree Williams, Getty Images
    Lisa Maree Williams, Getty Images

    You Rack Up Expensive Vet/Salon Bills

    Before we even begin here, we know that this is a very touchy subject. No one wants to see a pet suffer and at times it's necessary to spend a little more than expected to give your pet the care he or she needs to be healthy. However, if your veterinarian's phone number is on speed dial and your healthy pet visits the vet or salon five times more often then you and your children visit the doctor, then you could qualify as a Crazy Pet Person (and probably a hypochondriac).

  • Jessica F., Flicker
    Jessica F., Flicker

    You Celebrate Your Pet's Birthday

    Acknowledging your pet's birthday can occur in different ways. Some people make it a point to show their cat or dog some extra attention; others buy their pets bones, treats or their favorite pet food. Crazy Pet People are the ones who take their pet's birthday to the next level. They throw a party and send out invitations and they invite friends, neighbors, and their pet's "buddies" from the local dog park. They force a birthday hat on their pet pals and even buy or make a personalized cake - all to show their pet just how much they love him or her more than anyone else in the whole wide world.

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    You Have Professional Photos of Your Pet

    We all take advantage of the convenience of smartphones and point-and-shoot cameras when it comes to snapping photos of our pets to share with friends and family. It's when you've scheduled a date, coordinated outfits and hired a professional photographer that will guarantee you a spot on the Crazy Pet Person list. If you receive an "Ohhhh" instead of an "Awwww" from your framed "family" photograph, then we'll be honest with you here: it's just plain weird.

  • Carlo Allegri, Getty Images
    Carlo Allegri, Getty Images

    You Share Plates/Meals with Your Pet

    There's a reason that pet food exists. There's also a reason that pet food is different from "people food". Lots of normal people will occasionally throw the spare turkey legs, steak bones and tuna in their pet's bowl. Crazy Pet People prepare daily meals for their pets and even set an adjacent place at the table for them.

  • Oli Scarff, Getty Images
    Oli Scarff, Getty Images

    You Proudly Flaunt Your Personalized Pet Gear

    Wondering if you might be in danger of being a Crazy Pet Person? Just check your closet! If you have your pet's face on T-shirts, mugs, buttons, hats and bags then wonder no more. You already know what your pet looks like - you see your pet everyday. Plus, you most likely carry around a photo of your pet just in case anyone forgets. Therefore, the need to consistently display his or her photo as part of your previously plain outfit puts you on the bus headed straight to Crazy Town.

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    You Refer to Your Pet as Your Child

    If you believe that reason #1 on this list deserves any explanation, then chances are...(you guessed it) you're a Crazy Pet Person. By definition, a child is a young human. Period.

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