After Labor Day at the Jersey Shore, shoulder season begins. But what makes the Jersey shore amazing during the summer shoulder season? Check out the list for the top ten reasons to visit the Jersey Shore, after summer. 

Dino Flammia, Townsquare Media NJ

1. The beach will be practically empty
. You can drink your beer in peace, and you won't be shoulder to shoulder with someone at the beach. Plus those rowdy teenagers will be in school.

2. No beach cover. 
You won't have to pay money to get on the beach. You can save 8 dollars, or 16 if you're with someone. You can spend that money on fried Oreos.

3. Lots of parking available
. You won't have to fight for parking anymore. Put your fighting fists away Jerseryans you can find a spot anywhere.

4. Prices are a little lower.
 You won't have to pay top dollar for a hotel room.

5. Not a lot of Traffic. 
No need to sit in traffic on the way to and from the shore.

6. Plenty of events. There are still the summer events but they're less crowded. There's still a lot of festivals going on at the shore that will keep you busy.

Barnegat Lighthouse (AP Photo/Wayne Parry)

7. There's still great weather
. The nice weather isn't gone yet! You can still get that summer glow during shoulder season.

8. More spontaneous restaurant outing
s. You don't always have to make reservations, that hot summer restaurant may now take you without a reservation

9. Nicer locals. 
Many locals don't like tourists, but during off season they can relax.

10. Shorter lines. 
The lines for food, rides, games or even bathrooms are shorter because there are less people

Overall shoulder season is great for people who don't like crowds. Shoulder season means a calmer, less expensive, but more enjoyable vacation.