Today is "National Tooth Fairy Day." How much does the tooth fairy leave at your house? The first time my son Albert lost a tooth, my wife sent the "Tooth Fairy" upstairs to leave a little something under his pillow. (Hey I've been called worse ;) ) Well the only thing I had... sorry... the Tooth Fairy had in is wallet, were 20 dollar bills. So I took one out and left it under his pillow. What do I know?

The next morning, Albert comes flying down the stairs to show us what he was left and my wife did a spit take. With the amount of money the Tooth Fairy has left the Trev twins, it would have been cheaper to take them to Disney World. It gets better.

A few weeks later, the boys bet their Pop Pop $20 that the Giants would beat the Eagles. Now of course we all know that never happens ;) When it came time to pay up, they boys had no money and couldn't figure out what to do. That is until Lennon, playing with his loose tooth tells Albert, "I think I can get it out tonight." To see what the average Tooth Fairy leaves click here.

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