We were joined in studio by two special people making a difference in Toms River. Police Chief Mitch Little and Community Affairs Director, Jillian Messina are proactively working to change the narrative between the community and the police force. Through their efforts, they are building a foundation of trust between the force and its residents.

Toms River Police Department just wrapped up a summer of fun with a bunch of events to bring a more personal relationship between the officers and the town's youth.

As we discussed on the air, Toms River PD has two upcoming events that you can be a part of.

- Nov 2nd Comedy Night at Hemingways Cafe in Seaside Heights to benefit the Girl Scouts of the Jersey Shore

You can check out all of their events and more videos from their summer of fun, at tomsriverpolicefoundation.org

Thank you to Police Chief Little and Jillian Messina for stooping in the studio and talking to us about all the great things their doing in the community. For all the community interactions, the Toms River Police Department is this week's #BlueFriday honorees.

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