Well if anyone has thought of this before I certainly have not heard of it. Kudos to whatever mad genius came up with a tip jar where people vote on whether there is or is not a Central Jersey. This is nothing short of inspired.

The picture was taken by New Jersey 101.5 traffic reporter Christina Stoffo. She went to the Pearl Street Market on LBI over the weekend and came across this work of art.

This tip jar tied into a poll of whether Central Jersey really exists works on so many levels. First of all, it’s fun. And when you’re down the shore, it should be all about fun.

Second, it would make no sense to outsiders. You’ve got to be from Jersey to even understand this.

Third, if you were on the fence about giving a tip this will absolutely make you reach into your pocket for a dollar just to have the chance to weigh in on this never-ending debate.

Fourth, I for one would want to revisit that store just to see which answer had the lead.

To my eyes this looks pretty even so far. But Christina who was there in person says the "Central Jersey does exist" tip jar is actually more full. But she was the last one to use it before taking the photo and she voted yes, so just like me she has her own bias.

And as you may know, I adamantly believe that there’s only a North and a South Jersey. The rest is either marketing to try to stand out or wishful thinking because you disdain the ends of the state.

People who believe they live in Central Jersey, in my humble opinion, have created this fantasy to make themselves feel better.

Newspaper or businesses that have long invoked the word Central have done it for marketing purposes to stand out from the New York metros or the Philadelphia metros.

I-195 is the perfect split point to decide what is North Jersey and what is South Jersey. Which brings me to another point. If Central Jersey truly exists, why can nobody who believes in it agree on exactly where its borders are? If it exists then tell me exactly where it begins and ends.

But you can’t.

By the way, the Pearl Street Market in Beach Haven says this tip jar battle will be going on for about another week. Vote wisely my friends!

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Jeff Deminski. Any opinions expressed are Jeff Deminski's own.

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