Tim Tebow, welcome to the New York Jets and the Tri-State area! Tebow, the man who has made so many headlines over his short NFL career and inspired a pose named 'The Tebow' is now a New York Jet! Ok, so now what? That's the exact question every Jets fan is asking themselves right now. 

Not taking anything away from Tim Tebow whatsoever but this was a classic public relations move by the Jets to steal the back page headlines, pure and simple. Think about it, the team that they share MetLife Stadium with, the New York Giants, just won another Super Bowl. The Jets have tried everything in their power to stay in the press and out of the Giants large media shadow.

So how do you steal the headlines? You trade for one of arguably the most well known names in the NFL right now, not named Peyton Manning and that would be none other than  Tim Tebow.

Tebow was made expendable when his former team, the Denver Broncos signed Peyton Manning to a 5- year, $96 million dollar deal. The ink was barely dry on Manning's deal and the Jets were already rumored to be investigating the possibility of a deal for Tebow.

The trade brings up so many questions, the most prominent being, what happens to the starting quarterback the Jets already have in Mark Sanchez? What message does this send about their faith in him? It was less than a week ago that Jets owner Woody Johnson held a press conference to announce a contract extension, otherwise known as a public mea culpa, for Sanchez. Johnson and Jets General Manager Mike Tannenbaum went on and on about how THEY had no interest in Peyton Manning and that Sanchez was THEIR guy.

Really? If that were true, why go after Tebow if you have so much faith (no pun intended) in Sanchez?  All the Jets did was put an exclamation point on the fact that they have no faith in Sanchez and they are desperately looking for something, ANYTHING to keep them in the news. The team was so excited to get the news out in the press today that the deal almost blew up in their face because Tannenbaum didn't even take the time to read a clause in Tebow's contract and after much deliberation, a SECOND deal had to be struck to get it done.

How many games into the season do you think it will take if Sanchez gets off to a rough start for Jets fans to start screaming for T-E-B-O-W TEBOW! TEBOW! TEBOW! Not many.

What about Tim Tebow? Can Tebow's strong religious faith help handle the local press and the scrutiny that he'll be under? Only time will tell how this mess will all play out.

What this move really says to the New York Jets loyal fan base is this: We don't care about winning, we care about the press and the notoriety.

Ok, so now what?

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Jets Trade for Tim Tebow