Tim Tebow mania is alive and well and was living at Arm and Hammer Park in Trenton on Wednesday as fans packed the ballpark to see their hero play in the Eastern League Class AA All Star Game. People who spent hundreds of dollars a ticket crowded the stadium as I got there for Tebow's press conference at 2:30. This was for a minor league baseball game that started at 7. See the entire Tebow presser here. Funny story about that press conference...

I went there with my intern Mike Nichols and my new phone, which records differently from my old one. When Tebow came out, I said hello, he looked right at me, and said hello back. Then when I asked him about his faith, he again faces me and answers the question. This was followed up by Mikey asking a question that Tebow complimented him on and I'm recording the whole thing... at least I thought I was.

After a few minutes I notice that there are no recording numbers on the video. "Ah, probably just the way the new phone works," I think. But then when I check, I realize that in a moment of nostalgia I hit the wrong button like it was my old phone and got nothing.

Fortunately, I realized my mistake in time to ask him if he's given up football. "I'm so focused on baseball, this is my sport, it's what I love doing and I'm very thankful for that," he responded. Also, fortunately the good people at Arm and Hammer Park provided a backup video. Thank you Jon Mozes!

Closing thought on Tebow. When you're that close to him, you see what a great guy he is. As much as I didn't understand the intense popularity, I also didn't understand the hate that came with it.

Love him or hate him, Tebow did win a Heisman, take a team to the playoffs and win a game and now, rather than spend his life with a cushy job analyzing college games, he chose to pursue baseball from the ground up. Now he's made the all star team and could one day become the first player ever to play for both the Mets and the Jets. I, for one, am rooting for him.

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