Would you pay a minimum $115 a ticket to see a minor league all star game? We're talking class AA. What if I told you Tim Tebow was playing in it? Yes, that Tim Tebow!

"Tebowmania" returns to New Jersey this Wednesday as the former quarterback turned minor league outfielder for the Binghamton Ponies comes to Trenton's Arm and Hammer Park for the Eastern League (Class AA) all star game.  He's batting 318 over his last 22 games. If you want to go, it's going to cost you!

Whether or not you believe in God is your business, but when you look at the life of Tim Tebow, it does have to make you wonder. Tebow preached his love for the Lord throughout his football career both in college where he won the Heisman Trophy in 2007 and when he played on National Champion teams in 2006 and 2008. He then went to the NFL as a number one draft choice of the Denver Broncos where he helped beat the Pittsburgh Steelers by throwing a game winning touchdown in playoff overtime.  He also played locally with the New York Jets, Philadelphia Eagles, and New England Patriots before switching to baseball.

Tebow didn't need to switch since he had a successful career as a college football analyst. Tebow is a living example of not giving up. He never lost his faith and through that faith was willing to put himself out there once again in something completely different. That to me took a lot of guts especially when you think of all the ridicule he endured despite taking his team to the playoffs. I never understood that. It looks like his fans will also be putting themselves out there at Arm and Hammer Park as tickets for Wednesday's game are getting harder and harder to come by.

Tebow's an easy guy to root for and his fans must be thrilled to once again have a reason to cheer him on. One has to wonder if there will be "Tebowing."

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