December 31st, 1963 - The Kinks debut live at the Lotus House restaurant in London. From here brothers Ray and Dave Davies go on to become one of the most important and influential rock bands of the era, scoring five top 10 hits in their 32 year run as a band.

January 1st, 1962 - Dick Rowe, head of A&R at Decca Records watches the then unknown Beatles audition for his label in London. He decides to pass on signing them, selecting instead Brian Poole and the Tremeloes. It goes down in history as one of the worst decisions ever made.

January 2nd, 1971 George Harrison’s album ‘All Things Must Pass’ starts a seven week run at the No.1 position on the album chart. It makes Harrison the first solo Beatle to score a No.1 album.

January 3rd, 1973 – Over a thousand international fashion editors and experts vote Mick Jagger and wife Bianca two of the best-dressed men and women of 1972.

January 4th, 1970 Neil Boland, Chauffeur of The Who, was accidentally killed when drummer Keith Moon ran him over. Moon was trying to escape from an angry mob of skinheads after a fight broke out at a pub in Hatfield, England. Moon had never passed a driving test.

January 5th 1973Bruce Springsteen releases his debut album ‘Greetings from Asbury Park, N.J.’ It was recorded in a single week and would only sell about 25,000 copies in its first year. ‘Blinded By The Light’ was released as a single but never made a splash in the charts.  Manfred Mann would later cover Bruce’s ‘Blinded By The Light’ on their album, ‘The Roaring Silence,’ which would reach #1 in 1977 claiming its spot as the most popular version of the song.

January 6th, 1975 – The mayor of Boston cancelled a Led Zeppelin concert after more than 2,000 fans rioted while trying to purchase tickets. The fans caused an estimated $75,000 worth of damage at Boston Garden.

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