Who says police officers have no sense of humor? Just check out what's on the Paramus police department's Facebook page. They wanted to warn about coyote sightings in the area, which has been a problem in certain New Jersey towns. They could have played it straight. Instead they shared something from their fellow men in blue up in Monroe County, New York.

It warns of coyotes dropping anvils from hot air balloons, possessing giant magnets, carrying products marked ACME and much more.

Along with the jokes they do point out that any coyotes spotted should be left alone. They generally aren't aggressive toward humans but could be attracted to their property by cat food left out, fallen fruit or compost piles. The best advice is cover compost piles, secure garbage cans so they can't be knocked over and bring bird feeders and pets in at night. Several other towns in North Jersey have seen coyotes such as Saddle River and Ridgefield Park.

If confronted by a coyote, make loud noise or throw rocks at it to scare it away. If that fails, paint a large black tunnel on the side of a mountain and disappear inside it.

Sorry, couldn't resist.

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