As we make our way around New Jersey talking about common sense solutions to fix our great state, we are able to eat in some of the best places New Jersey has to offer. This week our travels ended in Lambertville on Monday night at a new place called The Hawke.

One of my go-to orders for any new restaurant is any veal dish they have to offer. Staring at me from go was the Veal Milanese.

Veal from "The Hawke"
Veal from The Hawke.

For Jodi, it was the steak special.

The Steak Special from "The Hawke"
The Steak Special from The Hawke.

The Milanese is a pounded thin veal chop with a light crunchy coating and of course bone in.

The Milanese
The Milanese

Jodi's steak was cooked perfectly and yes, she cleaned her plate — actually we both did and I did make quick work of removing all the sweetest meat attached to the bone. Friendly service, lively atmosphere and free valet parking.

It's on our return list for sure. They also have outside dining, but after a day of running around the state in a suit, I was ready to be inside with the AC.

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Spadea's Father's Day cheesesteak

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