Being the most densely populated state in the country with the highest density of highways and transit systems, there are plenty of reasons to get angry from time to time on the road.

In a recent discussion this past week about driving habits that annoy us or appear to be insanely stupid, we came across one that got people fired up. Judi admitted she does it all the time and although I didn’t used to make a habit of it, I do it from time to time myself. OK most of the time.

That person on the road that New Jersey drivers seem to despise the most is the last-minute merger.

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You see up ahead that an exit is backed up and people get in line for up to a half mile to take that exit ramp. Or a sign says that three lanes will be narrowed into two for some construction.

As soon as they see the sign, most drivers move into one of the two lanes and leave the soon-to-be-closed lane open. Some people see this as an opportunity.

Before you automatically hate me let me explain. Here’s how I work it. I move up as far as I can until there’s an opening in the cars about to merge and then I skillfully and carefully move my way in. Usually, there’s someone who’s taking their time or not paying attention and it works.

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This system is more like the zipper effect that emerges should follow. One car goes in another and another and another, but if we all stack up at the very back of the line the line just gets longer, and frustration grows larger.

So, the next time you see a last-minute merger moving in front of you because you left a space for him or her. Admire that person for their driving skills and good judgment! Thank you and happy motoring!

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