May 18th


1966 -Bruce Springsteen finishes his first day of recording at "Mr. Music Inc Studio" down in Bricktown.  Recording with his band at the time, The Castiles, they cut their first song "That's What You Get."

1972 - The Beatles finally agree to split the $17 million dollar fortune which they earned as a group.  The money had been frozen as the band members began to sue one another.

1979 - Journey hosts The Midnight Special, a 90 min music variety show which came on after the Friday night edition of the Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson.

2003 - The Isley Brothers hit No. 1 on the charts with 'Body Kiss', having a little help from Lil' Kim, they haven't had a No. 1 hit in 30 years. Of course, they are better known for their single "Shout" which can be heard at every single wedding since it's release.