In the Garden State, opinions are divided over New Jersey's plastic bag ban, with many residents considering it nothing short of ridiculous. And I’m one of them.

The ban has ushered in the era of reusable bags, a change that isn't without its share of criticism. People are now required to tote around these annoying reusable alternatives, which come with their own set of drawbacks.

Firstly, there's the hygiene concern. Reusable bags, often made from fabric, can become breeding grounds for bacteria if not cleaned regularly.

This added chore of maintenance is an inconvenience to many. Also, these bags can be cumbersome, taking up valuable space in handbags or vehicles. And, remembering to carry them into the store is an extra mental note that many people would rather do without.

Don’t we have enough stuff cramming our brains in this state?

Not to mention the fact that despite the ban, many reusable bags still find their way into landfills, raising more questions about the sensibility of the ban and its efficacy in reducing plastic waste.

However, one New Jersey resident found his own unique way to protest. In true Jersey fashion, he printed bags emblazoned with the cheeky slogan, "Phil Murphy Sucks."

Photo courtesy Steve Wolk
Photo courtesy Steve Wolk

Look, this isn’t gonna solve any problems. And it’s not going to alleviate the inconvenience of these dumb bags. But I can see how this can give him a little bit of satisfaction, not unlike anti-Murphy slogans on masks when people were forced to wear them during the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s like a little personal mini-protest.

It’s contentious. And it always will be. So the plastic bag ban will always have New Jerseyans struggling to find their own creative ways to voice their opinions.

Whether you're for or against this silly business of the plastic bag ban, there's no denying that New Jersey folks know how to make their voices heard in a way that's as unique as NJ itself.

And this voice was so obviously that of a “Jersey Guy.”

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