Some people put a lot of thought into naming their pets, almost as much as people devote to naming their children; then again, some people look at the color of the animal and say, “OK, your name is Brownie.”

The data was gathered by Trusted House Sitters; the study analyzed over 50,000 pet names registered on the TrustedHousesitters platform, sorting them by popularity, region and pet type.

Before I tell you what the most popular dog/cat names are in New Jersey, let’s look at the national list.

Two dogs playing in the park, sunny day

The five most popular boy dog names are Charlie, Max, Cooper, Buddy, and Jack. The five most popular girl dog names are Lucy, Bella, Luna, Daisy, and Lola.

The five most popular boy cat names are Charlie, Leo, Max, Milo, and Jack. The five most popular girl cat names are Luna, Lucy, Bella, Sophie, and Stella.

Some other interesting notes from the analysis:

⚫ The five most popular food-inspired pet names in the nation are Pepper, Ginger, Honey, Cookie, and Peanut.

⚫ Roughly 13% of cats are named after a food or drink item.

⚫ The most popular city a dog is named after is Aspen; and the most popular city a cat is named after is Salem.

⚫ The five most popular character names for cats are Tigger, Simba, Zelda, Chester, and Thor.

⚫ The five most popular character names for dogs are Winnie, Zeus, Gizmo, Thor, and Mickey.

Group of dogs playing in the park

So, while keeping in mind this is just one study and your mileage may vary, here is the #1 dog name in New Jersey: Molly. Don’t like it? Don’t blame me, I’m just telling you what they said.

The number one cat name in New Jersey is: Max.

There you have it, the top pet names in New Jersey are Molly for dogs and Max for cats.

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