My very first pet was a stray. A cat that found me more than me finding him. My most recent pet, a little mixed breed dog named Finn, also had no home. My wife and I adopted him from a NJ rescue. So when I see something like this on Facebook it breaks my heart.

The South Jersey Regional Animal Shelter took in five puppies that were abandoned. They were literally dumped along the side of a road which is just despicable. They may not look in great shape but the shelter has already gotten them medical care and they are on the road to recovery.

Hopefully people will show some serious love and open up their hearts and homes to them. In the meantime, the shelter is asking for donations. Getting them healthy enough to be adopted comes at a cost and they're having a hard time absorbing it. They do great work, and even if you can't be the person to give them a forever home maybe you could spare a buck or two? Anything would help. I've already donated and so have others here at NJ101.5. Please do it if you can!

They're pretty full at the shelter so they may be looking to partner with a rescue to help in finding these lovable little pups a place to go.

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