Remember that huge mansion planned for Montclair that I wrote about a while ago? That’s the one that had some locals up in arms because the owner razed two historic homes to make way for the massive new compound. According to, consideration of the plans for the 60,000 foot home and its variances were delayed at the request of the owner.

The variances in question include increasing the number of ground level parking spaces from four to eleven (with additional parking spots below ground) and allowing the house to come over 100 feet closer to the Eagle Rock Reservation than current ordinances allow. The zoning board was supposed to consider the issues on April 17th, but the owner, 14 Undercliff, LLC, believed to be owned by tech billionaire Melih Abdulhayoglu, asked to push the meeting back until May. says the zoning board has its own questions, including how drainage is going to be handled; the property is on a hill and the plans include cutting down trees which the board feels might increase the possibility of flooding below. Some residents fear the requested delay is an attempt to wear the board down (local preservation groups, which opposed the razing of the historic houses, also oppose the building of the huge house), but others say such delays are common. The saga of the Montclair Megamansion continues.

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