NEWARK — There's a quicker route to getting to your plane on time out of Newark Liberty International Airport — if you've got some extra dough.

Those who enroll in the platform launched Friday at Terminal C would no longer have to whip out their license for the TSA when going through the terminal's series of security measures.

Instead, CLEAR members use a special lane and prove their identity by scanning either the iris of their eye or their fingerprint — biometric data that was gathered from each user upon enrollment.

"After you are identified through our process, we then bring you directly to the physical screening part of the process," said Gina Bruzzichesi, executive vice president of operations for CLEAR.

CLEAR has a presence in more than 30 airports, as well as stadiums, arenas and rental-car locations.

Seventy percent of CLEAR's members, Bruzzichesi said, are also members of the TSA's Precheck program, which allows individuals to keep their shoes on during the physical screening, and keep their laptops and liquids concealed.

Becoming a CLEAR member costs $179 per year. Complimentary or discounted enrollment is available for members of United's mileage club.

Members in other airports claim they've been able to shave 20 to 60 minutes off their pre-arrival time using the expedited service, Bruzzichesi said.

Bruzzichesi said the platform has been certified by the Department of Homeland Security as qualified anti-terrorism technology. All personal data are encrypted.

"Security is embedded in our DNA," Bruzzichesi said. "It is our number-one priority at CLEAR and it's at the center of everything we do."

On average, more than 15 million customers travel with United through Newark every year.

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