As a part of our monthly segment to talk about the big day for the bride, we're gonna get into regrets and things that you would change if you could.

My #SpeakingMillennial podcast co-host Jessica Gibson, formerly known as Jessica Nutt, got married a couple months ago and still has the energy and smile that she had on her wedding day.

As you know, Producer Kristen is getting married in a year and wanted to ask Jessica what one thing she would have done differently. I asked Jessica to tell me what is was when we co-hosted the CFC Loud-N-Clear event last weekend, but she wouldn't talk. Saying something like, "Save it for the show". Ok, I get it.

Well, Friday is the show and Jessica and Kristen will be in studio to talk 'Wedding Dos and Don'ts' as well as hear from our listeners about the one thing they would change about their wedding day. If you like, tweet me your questions @Billspadea using the hashtag #WeddingDoOver.

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