With all the hype about human activity and climate change, policy makers seem to forget that the top environmental killer in the world claiming seven million lives every year is pollution...and most of those deaths from indoor air pollution.

If you look at the long-term temperature averages for the earth, it becomes clear that there is an awful lot of hype in the so-called "Hockey Stick" spike in temps over the past few decades. Politicians and media talking heads often cite a few recent stats concerning "the warmest month, year, etc. ever" as "proof" of climate change and human activity being the primary cause.

The reality is that temperatures several thousand years ago were much warmer than they are today. Specifically, in the middle ages around the year 1300, the Earth was about as warm as it is today and before that, even warmer. I'm pretty sure that was way before Al Gore was traversing the globe in his private jet.

The earth's climate and weather are cyclical, according to AmericaSpace.com. Let's face it, there are seasons, tides and tilt that all contribute to changing patterns across the globe. How is it possible that we cannot accurately predict the weather in the upcoming weekend? How do we know what we're looking at one hundred years from now? Or longer?

Beyond that, the sea levels have been rising along with temperatures at a very measured rate since the mid to early 1800s at the end of what is referred to by the USGS as the "Little Ice Age."

What is really alarming is not the fact that the earth continues to change as it has for millions of years, but that modern day "alarmists" have convinced a generation of people that a critical life supporting molecule is the culprit! Carbon dioxide is critical for life on earth. Actually, the bigger problem over the past several hundred years, according to Green Peace co-founder Dr. Patrick Moore, has been an alarmingly low rate of CO2 when measured in parts per million.

Natural News.com reports that in 2013, CO2 levels finally rose above 400 PPM which is still less than the optimal amount for abundant plant life which, the report says, should be closer to 1,000 PPM.

There is a mountain of evidence pointing to a 1,500 year cycle for the earths climate. We are in the middle of a warming period. Professor William Happer from Princeton University had a lengthy discussion with our "Chasing News" team and reinforced the natural cycle and the nearly infinitesimal impact human activity has on the climate.

It's time for politicians to address the very real problem of pollution. Access to technology through capitalist investments is what the world needs. As long as people are living under tyranny and socialism, we cannot expect that we will turn the tide of millions dying unnecessarily every year. We should be spreading capitalism to the rest of the world...not propaganda and foreign aid to activists groups to push an agenda that only serves to line the pockets of the rich special interests. Meanwhile millions suffer.

Time to stop with the fake news that has snake oil salesmen like Al Gore predicting New York City would already be under water and have an honest conversation about science and solutions to real problems. Paraphrasing rapper Jay Z, we may "have 99 problems," but climate change ain't one of 'em.

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