Greystone Psychiatric Hospital, one of New Jersey's creepiest sites, was torn down in 2015. Video by GlidebyJJ

New Jersey can be spooky. These are the places that carry tales of fright, eerie sightings and even rumored paranormal activity.

From the Jersey Devil roaming the Pine Barrens or being brave enough to walk up to the Gates of Hell in Clifton, New Jersey is rich in its haunted history. Take a look at our list of the top 10 scariest places in New Jersey... if you dare!

1. Snake Hill – Secaucus
Did you ever see the huge rock hanging over the Turnpike near Route 3? It used to be home to a psychiatric hospital and penitentiary.

2. The Pine Barrens – South Jersey
This vast area of land may look beautiful in the daytime. But at night, the deep woods and creepy noises scare off a lot of people. There are rumors that the Jersey Devil lives within, but no one knows for sure.

3. The Devil’s Tree – Bernards
On Mountain Road, you’ll find a tree with several axe marks on it. Rumor has it that a local farmer murdered his wife and children, then hung himself from a tree. It continues that anyone who tries to cut down the tree, their life will end.

4. Clinton Road – West Milford
Supposedly, a large white mansion resided here, but now it’s the home of a lot more than a mansion. According to Weird N.J., people have said that strange chants, writings, bodybags, and albinos have taken over the area. There has also been reports of random blue and white lights in the vicinity.

5. The Gates of Hell – Clifton
One of the scariest places in New Jersey is in Passaic County where a bunch of storm sewers and tunnels are nicknamed “The Gates of Hell.” There is even a spray-painted sign with an arrow pointing to the storm sewers.

6. The Spy House – Port Monmouth
Now called the Bayshore Waterfront Park Activity Center, this place has been known for paranormal activity. The myth says that Mr. Thomas Seabrook would spy on British soldiers during the Revolutionary War and hide the corpses in the cellar.

7. Proprietary House – Perth Amboy
This was the home of Benjamin Franklin’s son, William. He was the last royal governor of New Jersey in 1777. The house is said to be haunted by Revolutionary War soldiers and a woman who stays near the dining room window.

8. Hindenburg Hangar and Crash Site – Lakehurst
In 1937, the German airship caught on fire while trying to land in Lakehurst. There were 35 fatalities out of 97 people on board. According to Weird N.J., you can hear footsteps in Hangar No. 1 at Lakehurst, which is near the morgue of the Hindenburg. Also, air traffic controllers in Lakehurst have reported that people see images of a large, round craft, and that some things do not match with the radar.

9. Greystone Psychiatric Hospital – Now, only in our memories
Greystone first opened in 1877 as the New Jersey State Lunatic Asylum at Morris Plains. It was on a 1,000-acre property and held over 7,000 patients. It closed in recent years, and fell into serious decay. But much to the dismay of local historic groups, state officials tore the whole thing down in 2015.

Do you know of haunted or spooky places in New Jersey? Tell us about them by commenting below!

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