New Jersey is home to some of the scariest movies ever made. Films such as "The Amityville Horror," "Friday 13th" and "Jaws" were made right here in the Garden State.

Part of the reason is that we have some of the scariest locations, some of which were pointed out by visitors to my Facebook page and Twitter, @realstevetrev. If you were going to film a scary movie in New Jersey, try these locations.

Jason Allentoff:  "Inside the statehouse. Now that's a horror show."

Allan Emenheiser:  "Camden."

Perry Wolfe: Trenton - Just drive-thru. It’s already a horror movie."

Jimmy Graham: "Port hear banjo music as soon as you cross the border..."

Martin Stephens:  "The Governor’s Office!"

Robert Condrillo: "Clinton road or shades of death road in the northern part."

Eric Jensen: "Franklin Township..They just started filming a Stephen King movie there."

Teddy Maturo: "Somewhere out in the swamps of Jersey."

Beth Coffey Fite: "Trenton Psychiatric Hospital."

Jake Pullen Baer: "Dracks house in Allentown or the castle at Patterson."

Timothy Sagendorf: "Newark."

Jon Sebastian Brice: "Route 9 in Lakewood. It's all there, scary costumes, zombies, danger and disregard for life."

Matte Kane: "Trump's Dump ....BEDMINSTER."

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