This year New Jersey topped the list of states where people were fleeing the most. We came in number one again last year for the state with the most outward-bound moves, according to the United Van Lines 44th annual survey.

Many New Jerseyans are spending their summer vacations this year looking for greener pastures in states all over the country. The one that seems to be the most likely is Delaware, especially for retirement.

Yes, boring quiet, tiny Delaware.

They topped the list for the most inbound moves from other states for retirees. Since it's so close to Jersey, it would make sense for people from here to head to Delaware with their lower property taxes, no sales tax, and it keeps Jersey people closer to family.

We live in an amazing state with its location, natural resources, cultural and educational opportunities and much more. We are proud to be from here and live here.

Unfortunately, the vultures at the State House in Trenton (my apologies to vultures everywhere) have made it difficult with burdensome taxes, regulations, and general government over-reach to enjoy life to the fullest here.

Each time we ask people if they are planning to leave, the phone lines are filled with people fed up with the politics and taxes. However, the top five reasons given in the survey say something different.

Here are the top five reasons people move out of New Jersey.

  • 1


    It's nearly impossible to live on a fixed income here, especially a government pension.

  • 2


    If your kids get a taste of a better life after college, many people follow their kids.

  • 3


    New Jersey is not a business-friendly state and most big corporations fled here years ago.

  • 4


    That could be code for 'politics and taxes.'

  • 5


    This could just mean you're too old or tired of ... shoveling snow.

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