With two of my three kids being out of town, they've made friends where they live now (in Texas and North Carolina) and some of them want to visit Jersey.

They've heard a lot about us in the news, TV shows and movies, but they've never been here. There are certain things you should know before you get here.

1. Never pump your fist and yell Jersey Shore.

Unless you want a fist in your face. Those people aren't from here and don't represent us....ever!

2. Don't assume everybody roots for New York sport teams.

There are two distinctly different parts of the state...see #3.

3. North of 195 is one half, south of that is a whole other world.

We have different names for food (Subs/hoagies...sprinkles/jimmies...Taylor ham/pork roll) and different accents...see #4.

4. No one says Joisey....NO ONE.

It came from a movie or TV but not from Jersey.

5. Do not say "let's go to Pizza Hut".

People from Jersey have favorite local place and it's like a religion to them. Don't question it!

6. Don't try driving here.

You suck at it and you'll probably cry.

Now if you're an out-of-towner and you follow these simple rules you'll probably have a great time and won't believe what an amazing f---ing place this is...Welcome!

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