We’re number one! We’re number one!

Unfortunately, though, on a list that we wouldn’t necessarily want to be on.

A study was put out by Preply, an online learning marketplace, that analyzed which accents people find to be the most grating…

Yeah, “yous guys” guessed it - it’s New Jersey’s.

TSM Illustration
TSM Illustration

Their methodology, according to the press release:

Preply's ranking of accents results from meticulous research, drawing from four reputable sources: WordTips Research, YouGov Accents Study, Language Attitudes to Speech Study, and a Thrillist article. This ensures the credibility and accuracy of our findings.

Wait until you read how Thrillist described our accents, I guarantee would won't be able to predict it. Preply, however, said our accents are “boisterous” and “a bit much” due to our “high volume, nasal tones, and fifth gear speed.”


Apparently the rest of the country takes issue with the way we can turn the word “coffee” into “CAW-fee,” “water” into “wooder,” and “dog” into “dawg.”

Eyyyy, fuhgetaboutit. Come say that to our faces!

What’s most shocking to me is the accents that the respondents of the study found more desirable than ours. Do you really think a Jersey accent is worse than Southern Ohioan?

They defined it as “bland, flat tone, which may be perceived as boring,” and somehow our “tawking” is more grating?

Argue / fighting / yelling / mad / NJ

As for the most desired accents in the US:

3️⃣ Cajun:

A colorful and standalone blend of French and English forms the Cajun accent's uniqueness.

2️⃣ Western:

The serene, clear tone, reminiscent of the relaxed Western U.S. lifestyle.

1️⃣ Southern:

This accent, due to its peaceful, lyrical vowels, carries the charm and hospitality of the South, making it warm and welcoming.

Oh, right, back to that Thrillist comment. According to the Thrillist article they referenced in their research, NJ’s accent is “akin to the sound of chain-smoking rats mating in an oil slick under the George Washington Bridge. Except somehow, the hair is worse."

That’s it, I’m sending Tony Soprano after them.

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