In many cases Philadelphia area (including South Jersey) fans deserve the bad reputation they have around the country. I've seen it first hand even though I've grown up a Philly fan and still am.

Media outlets around the country couldn't wait to put up video of Eagles fans turning over a car or busting out windows. To say it happens in many big cities after a major sports championship is no excuse for the horrible behavior of a small segment of idiots.

However, many folks may not have noticed that there were more arrests and injuries in just one small part of Patriots' country Sunday night.

Apparently there was quite a riot on the Amherst campus of the University of Massachusetts Sunday night. Philadelphia fans will never shake the reputation of being "animal" but it's important to note when it happens in other places.

I'll admit Philly fans can be brutal, but I've been to hockey games in Boston and what I saw there was just as bad, if not worse. Just saying!

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