I showed up to work a half hour later than usual today because the liver that Jeff has to eat took forever to cook all the way through.Last week when we were at Tre in Freehold for the Deminski & Doyle Happy Hour, Jeff challenged me at skee ball. The bet: If Jeff won, I would have had to eat my most hated food, seafood. But I won, which means Jeff has to eat his most hated food, which happens to be liver.

Jeff wanted to go double or nothing in our skee ball battle. If he won, he wouldn't have to eat anything. If I won, he would not only have to eat liver, he'd have to eat it with one of his newborn baby's wet diapers on his head. Guess who won? ME!

A suitable "KEEP OUT" sign.
Joe Votruba photo

Conveniently, Jeff forgot the diaper today, so we are going to have to wait until tomorrow's show for Jeff to hold up his end of the bet. The liver is fully prepared and in the 101.5 refrigerator. I have no idea what day-old liver tastes like, but I'm sure it's not good!

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