Trenton politicos are at it again.

The Democratic majority in the Legislature, in an effort to reduce the power of local school boards, is pushing a new bill.

The legislation, Senate Bill S2421, is labeled, in classic Orwellian fashion, the "Freedom to Read Act". But what it does is strip away the power of locally elected school boards and empower school librarians, or "library media specialists," to decide what is appropriate reading material, including the sexualized material that we've been pushing back on for a couple of years now.

I've been talking about the choices parents are empowered to make if they are unhappy with the direction of our public schools.

We've also seen a rise in school board members fighting back against the sexual grooming that is coming with the sexual materials and gender confusion pushed by school administrators and far-left politicians.

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With the gains we've made in parental empowerment and affirming parental rights through elected local school boards, the radicals in Trenton are trying to do an end run, removing the power of parents and school boards to stop their nefarious agenda.

The bill uses language that essentially empowers the librarian over the elected school boards to push sexually explicit material on kids.

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On Thursday the Senate Education Committee will meet to discuss the "Freedom to Read" Act.

Start the parental pushback by calling members of the committee and the sponsors.

Call Sen. Andrew Zwicker, D-Somerset, at 908-308-8672

Call Sen. Theresa Ruiz, D-Essex, at 973-484-1000

Call Sen. Vin Gopal, D-Monmouth, 732-695-3371

We were joined by Greg Quinlan from Garden State Families. He's been a champion of parents and kids and urged people to go to the group's website to join the fight.

As Greg explained, even if the "school children right-to-groom" bill passes — yes, I think that's a way more accurate title — this kind of activity is not legal at the federal level and the team at Garden State Families will be bringing a lawsuit on behalf of parents and kids.

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