As NJ schools descend down a strange and destructive path of critical race theory, sexually explicit materials in the school libraries and a full-on push by the state to hide children's gender decisions from parents, even for kids as young as 5, parents are looking elsewhere.

As we've discussed on air for the past several years, we have an obligation to save our public schools from the radicals.

No public school setting should be one based on sexualizing toddlers and driving a wedge between parents and kids.

Straight and gay parents alike have joined me on air to discuss the extreme policies pushed by Gov. Murphy and the majority Democrats and the harm it will cause so many kids.

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It's a driving issue in the 2023 legislative elections and will certainly be top of the conversation during the coming 2025 campaign for governor. But until we are able to root out the morally bankrupt bureaucrats and retire the corrupt politicians, parents have to deal with today's reality.

Many parents are now opting for other options.

I've discussed the rise in "micro schools" and home-schooling. An option, but certainly not for everyone.

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Another option is the wide selection of private schools across the state. We received a call from the folks at Calvary Academy this past Small Business Monday and they are ready to help your family.

This small, private Christian school serves students from preschool through 12th grade. If you want your kids to have a more normal experience, without the sexualized curriculum, or the tearing-down-of-America lessons, this may be a perfect place.

They stayed in-person throughout the lockdowns and have seen their enrollment grow nearly 50% from 200 students to 315 last year.

The cost is between $7,000 and $9,000 a year and they offer tuition assistance.

We will fix this place once we have the power to replace the radicals with normal, pro-family education leaders. But until then, explore your options.

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