If you haven't heard of The Happy Fits, check out my last post. They are a young Jersey band from Pittstown who use a unique sound, including an electric cello, to rock out.  Ross Monteith, Calvin Langman, and Luke Davis came into our studio last Thursday and performed two songs for us, "While You Fade Away" (featured in my last post) and "Mary." Fans of rock and roll will love this one (video above).

I asked the band to describe what the song is about. They said, "'Mary' is a simple song about drug addiction. The line 'you feel like a loner little lamb' is a metaphor for how substances can have an ownership over a person and is referring to the song 'Mary had a little lamb' (except Mary is short for marijuana in this song)." This song will be on their new album "Concentrate."

The Happy Fits also performed at a small house show in Philadelphia the day after they came into our studio.  I attended this show and they proved that they are phenomenal live performers. When you add this to the fact that they are very talented song writers, it is obvious that they are on their way to great success.

Their new single "Grow Back" is out now and in my opinion, should be on alternative radio.  The Happy Fits' debut album "Concentrate" is coming out soon and the album release party will be on July 5th at the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn.

The band also talked to Steve Trevelise after they performed these songs for us. They discuss their music, tour, and new album (video below).

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