When Dez Bryant was released by the Dallas Cowboys last Friday, my son Albert asked me if I'd cut Brandon Marshall to bring him on and I said no. When you compare the numbers over the last three years Marshall is clearly on top.

Here are some stats:

Year    Team                         G    Rec  Yds     Avg Yds/G
2017   New York Giants        5   18    154      8.6 18 0
2016   New York Jets         15   59    788     13.4 41 3
2015   New York Jets         16   109  1,502  13.8 69T 14 as compared to Bryant.

Year  Team                      G   Rec  Yds       Avg Yds/G
2017 Dallas Cowboys     16  69    838       12.1  52.4
2016 Dallas Cowboys     13  50    796       15.9  61.2
2015 Dallas Cowboys      9   31    401       12.9  44.6

Marshall is also taller, at 6'4", than Bryant, at 6'2", but older at 34 years old as compared to 29 years old.

Since it would have to be an either/or due to the salary cap, I'd stay with Marshall. I'm surprised Marshall is still on the team since his salary cap number is 5.1 and he really wasn't much of a factor before he got hurt last year against the Chargers. I imagine Pat Shurmur must have better plans for him than Ben McAdoo had last year since he's still here. Both are friends of Odell Beckham Jr. and despite Bryant's newfound desire to wear Big Blue, I'd still rather go with Marshall based on his better play, height, and desire to come back from his injury. I also think Marshall would be less of a distraction than Bryant already is.

If Bryant wants to play in New York, the Jets would be a great choice. They're getting yet another new quarterback and could use a big play name receiver. Staying in the division, there's also the Patriots who just traded away Brandin Cooks and the Dolphins who said goodbye to Jarvis Landry. In the NFC, the 49ers would be a good idea since Jimmy Garroppolo doesn't really have anyone to throw to.

There are several options for Bryant but I don't thing the Giants should be one of them. The NFL draft is Thursday and the drama continues to heat up.

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