Last week I wrote about Biden‘s new door-to-door vaccine push. Looking for the communities where vaccination rates are the lowest and targeting those neighborhoods for “trusted community members” to go around and spread the gospel about the COVID-19 vaccine.

We heard that these weren’t going to be random people knocking at your door but instead that they would nominate people you really believe in to do the knocking. Presumably, this would be clergy people, tell leaders, business people, etc. But that still didn’t interest me.

I don’t think that there’s anything anybody can tell me about the vaccine right now that would make me interested in getting it. Still, in north Wall in Monmouth County, apparently the canvassing has begun.

On an app called Nextdoor, neighborhood people get together and ask for advice, and recommendations, and just generally commiserate about life in their town. It’s pretty fun to read, especially when you’re not involved in the issues being spoken about. It’s the ultimate “fly on the wall“ scenario.

I just wanted to share some of the comments, both negative and positive, that people have posted on the app regarding the door knockers. I think it’s important to state that I would never be rude to anyone who knocked on my door. I would, however, politely dismiss them the same way I dismiss religious missionaries who come to the door to proselytize. After all, people are just doing their “jobs.”

For the most part, people on Nextdoor don’t seem thrilled about Biden’s “Door to Door” initiative.

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    Interesting Knock at Our Door at 7 15 pm. A woman dressed in a blue shirt, with sneakers and a clip board knocked at our door. She identified herself from the “health department." I am pretty sure as she spoke quickly and she took us off guard. She wanted to know if Walt was vaccinated. She addressed him as Walter. We gave her no information as that was our choice. FYI-strange, but not surprising for today's times and the push for 100 percent vaccination in the USA.

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    I spoke to her - two really lovely women. the first question to me was could i benefit from any of the services offered by the state? for which i was really grateful. both women were masked - and, yes, had a clip board and a hand out - if you wanted it. i did. had no problem giving my vaccination status as i care very much about my family and community. these visits are about far more than the question of 'are you vaccinated' - these visits offer support of various kinds - and, in my opinion, given the incredibly stressful nature of the pandemic and all that has entailed, i'm pleased it's being offered. no one enters your home, or forces answers. a completely professional and low key interaction.

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    Correct, no one forces you to answer. I like it that way. I feel it's a private decision. People have their own reasons pro or con. I respect that in all.

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    I opted out. She was polite and walked away.

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    thought it was interesting that she knew [my husband] by name. I know that's public record, but to me, it makes it too personal and not their business .

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    Agree 1000%. If she a doctor? What other medical records did she have access too for Walter? I just have my “no soliciting” sticker on my door so don’t have to worry about creepy encounters like this. Thanks for making us aware…

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    saw on the news a few weeks ago that Gov Murphy was having this done to get even more people vaccinated. They have records as to who isn’t vaccinated . They’re crossing the line ! I don’t think it’s right for them to have your information and address and come knocking on your door!!!

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    Their records aren't accurate. Many older people in NJ go south for the winter and were vaccinated in other states.

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    If they are offering free services, send out fliers or put it on Next Door or on local news media. They are not getting info from me. I was vaccinated but it's none of their business.


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    Agree. Crossing the line is a great way of stating it. Thank you for those words. Again, it's a private decision and it's what FREEDOM Is all about. WE cave into giving information, then it never ends. Passports and forced vaccination is only around the corner.


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    With our age of technology this can be offered in many other ways. I disagree with door to door visits.


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    Then a simple neighborhood post on next door, tv commercial etc can do it. We spread the word for pneumonia vaccines, shingles vaccines etc. Does anyone come door to door to encourage me to get my shingles shot? I am over 60 and it's time. But how do i know that it's time.? TV and my doctor. My private physician told me and my dermatologist told me I would be allergic to the ingredients. My point is no door to door solicitation that's all.


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    Call me cynical, but looks like a way of getting more government programs into the lives of people. I'm from the government and I'm here to help. Wonder why our taxes never go down.

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    Biden vaccination squads. It’s a choice, except when it’s not.


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    When I came home from an appointment there was a notification on my door knob saying “Book your vaccine today” with info on appointments. Last week it was a phone call, today a knock at my door, what’s next?

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    How about they concentrate on the millions of unvaccinated illegals coming across the border.

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